About Port Charlotte Detailing

Port Charlotte Detailing

Port Charlotte Detailing was created to service owners looking for that show car look while protecting their vehicle using the finest products on the market. We look at automobile detailing as a form of art…. by restoring the potential of the vehicle to perfection. Here at Port Charlotte Detailing by MPM, we pay attention to the intimate details. We always go the “extra mile” in order to return your vehicle to you as close to or better than new looking. We are continually testing new products and use only those products whose performance meets or exceeds our expectations.

A brand new car will gleam under the showroom lights but to the expert eye, there may be paint defects in the clear coat that, while very subtle, prevent the finish from being quite as spectacular as it could be. This is where our highly trained detail technicians come into their own. Our ability to detect and remove these almost invisible blemishes is what sets Port Charlotte Detailing by MPM apart, demonstrated by our detailing technicians creating beautiful cars that shine like never before.

Our goal is to provide you with only the highest quality products & service.
If you are not impressed when you pick up your car, then we have not done our job!